All brand assets in one brand folder online

Consolidate your brand assets in one online easy to use tool and work faster and safer. Not only will you work faster you will look professional to your costumers.

Get every stakeholder on board

All the files that colleges, partners and customers constantly need from you, can easily be uploaded, organized, stored and shared from an online brand page. The benefits are endless, the cost is minimal. You can control who has access to which parts. No more bad excuses for not using your logo right.

Content to include in your brand folder

Here are some examples of the stuff that companies typically share:

  • Logos – including all variations of colors, size and file format
  • Brand colors
  • Corporate typefaces
  • Video
  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Brand guidelines
  • Contact details on the person responsible for CI

Additional benefits form a brand page online

The page aids to protect your corporate identity. It also makes it much faster for the press to get their hands on high quality video and pictures, potently increasing both press coverage, and the quality of that coverage.