Email Address Validation

We can clean your email list

You might have a long list of e-mail, but how many of them are valid? We have tools to check every single email address to see if it’s worth sending to. A contaminated list is misleading, expensive and a risk.

Don’t send to non-existing addresses. And don’t get your mail server blacklisted.

Upload your list and let us clean it for you

We offer data privacy, high accuracy and fast delivery when satanizing emails.

Price is only 25 euros for up to 5000 email verifications

How many leads are you losing to misspelled email addresses?

Real-time check of emails submitted into your systems can be a good business. We can help you implement a solution that notify the user before a form

  • Registration Forms
  • Lead & Contact Forms
  • Newsletter Sign up
  • Mobile Apps & CRM’s

Get Real-time email validation today

We can set up the integration to your website or app. Contact us to get a quote.