Free software advice for startups

Software is key in the success of your startup, so read this…

We help with software selection

We have done extensive research and tests on software in a broad range of categories all commonly used by startups. Send us a short description of who you are, your business, what you do and your location, we will then get back to you with some suggestions to essential software.

Don’t spend time on software research, we have done it for you

We have read reviews and done our own test over and over again. The software categories that attract the most of our attention is:

  • Software for creating websites and online stores
    (including WordPress, WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins)
  • Email software, both for regular email use and for newsletters
  • Online Business tools of all kinds, in short SaaS – Software as a service

Software for free

As an added bonus we can offer all startup’s some great tools for free. Are you queries now? Contact us to know more.